fredag 11. juli 2008

Magic ball birthday swap - Ravelry

When I opened the box from smittenkitten in the Magic ball swap at the Crabby Crafters group at Ravelry, I found this huge ball surounded by three different types of M&Ms and a lovely snow ball (is it the correct name for it?) with dolphins from San Diego, California.

I saw not one, but two thimbles poking out from the yarn and a birthday girl button.
Working me through the red cotton Butterfly yarn made in Greece I also found buttons, lovely fruit beads, wire for beads, handicrafts bond, cherry almond handmade soap, cute fruit erasers and Tootsie Roll (I`m chewing on in right now, yummi). To my big surprise I found another ball of cotton yarn (Peaches & Creme) when the red yarn was unwinded.

In that ball I found cute flower buttons, candy and Japanese tea.

Here you can see it all together. Thank you very much smittenkitten in California. This was my first magic ball swap, but not last. This was fun.

3 kommentarer:

Smitten Knitten sa...

I'm so glad it got there in one piece! It was fun making that magic ball for you. Happy Birthday!

twistedinstitches sa...

Oh this looked like alot of FUN!

What a creative idea and how wonderful for you!

You were very blessed on your birthday!!!


vonnie sa...

Happy Birthday, Else! I think birthdays are always fun, no matter how many years the calendar says!!
Hope you had a great day!