søndag 21. juni 2009

Sorry for late swap posting/updating

I must apologize for my late posting here about all those lovely swap packets I`ve got this spring/summer. My studies and exams + our youngest daughers Confirmation Day, June 1st, have taken all my time. My exams went very well and I can enjoy the summer doing lots of knitting. Have some projects on my needles right now. Looking forward showing them here when they are done.

I and hubby went to Lillehammer June 2nd, a 2000 kms drive, one way, for my last exam and bringing back my belongings from my study apartment. Had a lovely week in south. Drove through Finland and Sweden both ways. Last day I had an accident in Finland, falling through a gas station window. Don`t ask how it happened, have no better explanation than I was looking for hubby and didn`t see the small step in front of the gas station - hit the window with my head, window got broken. I must have had a guardian angel watching over me as the only cut I got was in left little finger, when protecting my face. I got a huge bump in my head, which still hurt, but it could have gone a lot worse. I was soooo lucky not getting a lot more hurt.

Now I`m enjoying the best summer job ever, in a company running the local LYS. :)

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frogginqueen sa...

Hello dear aurora! Im so sorry to hear of you accident, glad to know you are ok! Hey I am onmy way to California, anythingyou might like to have from there?