mandag 10. august 2009

Secret Pal 14 - first packet

Today I received the first SP 14 packet. What a lovely surprise it was to get a box from My pal had ordered me a T-shirt and a mug from them. I have so happy to receive it, as I never expected someone to order me something from Ravelry. The T-shirt fitted me perfectly. Will wear it at work tomorrow. Thanks a lot to my secret pal, who I`m sure is stalking my blog to see when the packet arrive. :)

2 kommentarer:

Penny sa...

WOW are you ever lucky to receive a rav item as your first swap package. I love love your t shirt and yah that you can wear it to work. I hope you are enjoying this round of SP.
Your hostess

Else sa...

It came as a totally surprise to me and what a wonderful surprise. I`ve a summerjob in a shop selling home-deco and YARN. (The best summer job ever as I love both :)) A fellow raveler came into the shop yesterday and I`d to show her my new T-shirt. Guess who was envious. :)