torsdag 25. oktober 2007

Knitters Tea Swap 4

What a wonderful swap week this has been. Another gorgeous packet arrived today. This time from Flutterby in Scotland. What a lovely yarn it was, great colors, tea, ceramic mug, more M&Ms (yummi - it`s my fave), Lush products (can`t get them in Norway) which I`ve wanted to try, lovely cards from Scotland, cute highland moo, Shortbread (have only once had it before, in Tasmania, Australia in 1999. I loved it and have wanted to have more since then :)), Butter tablet (hand crafted confectionary)and two of my partners fave biscuit recipes. They will be fun to try when I get a spare moment. Very busy at this moment. Those packages have really made my days. Thanks a LOT to Flutterby. :)

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Literary Feline sa...

Lots of little goodies! Wonderful indeed. :-)

Hi, Else! It's me, Wendy in California, USA. Your letter arrived in yesterday's post. It was very good to hear from you. I will try and get a letter out to you before too long.

Take care!