torsdag 27. september 2007

Repost- topic of the week two, Fall into autumn dishcloth swap

I decided to delete my previous answer to this as I got some unwanted comment/spam to my post. Anyway. If I use thick cotton or double yarn I use circular needles 4.5 mm. For thinner cotton I use needles, 2.5-3. I mostly use bamboo needles, but have no problem using metall too. I`ve loved the thick cotton yarn I`ve got from a facebook secret pal in Canada. I`m not too familiar with what cotton there is in other coutnries, but it`s always interesting to try new yarn.

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Anonym sa...

I got a weird spam comment too so I notified our K1T2 swap leaders. I let the Blogger account people know too so they could trace it from their end.