mandag 10. september 2007

Secret knitting pals swap - facebook, packet 2

Another wonderful packet from my dear, dear secret pal. I`m thrilled to be spoiled by you. You`re the best. :)
The hat was finished tonight. I`ll definitely make more of them now that I can make cables. That color is one of my fave ones. Can`t wait to wear it during the cold days that soon will be here. I`ll try many of the cable patterns from the book. M&M was gone shortly after the photo was taken. :)

3 kommentarer:

Dr. Purl sa...

You sure got spoiled!! Just saying Hi from the Dish- Swap!

NH Knitting Mama sa...

Beautiful hat - nice touch that you used the swap pal yarn right away. I'm sure she appreciates seeing that you enjoyed it immediately.

Anonym sa...

My you knit quickly - I wish I was that fast with a pair of needles... - you secret dishcloth swap pal :)