torsdag 20. desember 2007

Sock It To Me Twice Contest

The new contest is about Holiday memories and knitting. In Norway the main day is Christmas Eve when many people go to church, have a family dinner and Santa arrives bringing gifts which are opened that night. Rest of the days are spent visiting family and friends or having them here for a visit. In my family we use to gather in my parents home, three sisters with partners and children. Recent years we`ve been 12 people celebrating together. The only Christmas away from my village was in 1990 when my dear grandmother died a week before Christmas. We stayed in her village 800 kms away over the holiday. It was a strange holiday, very emotional opening the last presents my grandmother had choosen for us.
I started my Christmas present knitting already between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve last year. Most of what I`ve knitted this year and posted in my blog are Christmas gifts, so I don`t want to post them here again. I`ve mostly knitted socks, scarves, wrist warmers and lately I`ve started knitting mittens. Photos show three pairs of felted Lovikka mittens I just made for gifts. Also a photo of last years Christmas trees and the two Santas that arrived and this years Amaryllis flowers.

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NH Knitting Mama sa...

Hi, Else!

That is a beautiful candle holder... I love stuff like that.

If we don't get to chat before the big day next week, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I look forward to a terrific New Year, and wish you the same!